frequently asked questions
what type of catnip do you use?
we use organic, locally-grown catnip in all of our cat toys!
do you donate a portion of your profits?
yes, 10% of all profits are donated to the vancouver orphan kitten rescue association.
what are the two options for cat kicker finishes?
there are two options for finishes, zigzag (left in pink) or folded (right in blue). the zigzag is our classic finish with a cut edge, and the folded finish has a closed edge. the zigzag finish is the option shown in most of the product photos.
how many squeakers are in each dog toy?
each dog toy comes with 2 squeakers.
why did my catnip toy turn green when my cat chewed it?

all of our catnip kickers are packed with fresh catnip so that your kitties are sure to have fun! this means that if your kitty sucks and chews on their toy, it may stain green because of the catnip inside. do not worry though, this won't affect how much your kitty loves the kicker so you can let them continue playing with the toy. if you are worried about your toy staining, I recommend you try out a crinkle kicker as there is no catnip inside them.

is your packaging eco-friendly?
yes, our packaging is eco-friendly! For the past year and a half, we have shipped all orders in paper envelopes (which can be recycled) and cat toys come in compostable bags made from wood pulp. these bags may look and feel like plastic, but they are biodegradable so please do your part by properly disposing of the bags in the compost bin! we are also currently transitioning to a different envelope/bag which is also compostable and made from cornstarch!
where are you shipping from?
we are based in vancouver, bc, and all orders are shipped from there.
where do you ship to?
we ship to all countries worldwide! if you are worried about customs in your country, please contact us and we can work something out!
what should I do if accidentally put the wrong shipping address?
if you realize that you have given the wrong shipping address, please contact us right away. if your package has already been shipped, unfortunately, we will have to wait until your package has been returned to us, and then we can re-ship it to your correct address. if your package has yet to be shipped, we can ship it to the correct address.
please note that the customer will need to pay for a second shipping label if your order has already been sent to an incorrect address